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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Are you looking for a reliable car workstation in and around Bicester for wheel balancing service?

End your searches with Worldwide Automotive!

We are a highly sought-after car service station comprising a dynamic crew of mechanics and industry-best machinery. In addition, our mechanics are adept at attending to all major car makes and models.

When do you need us?

If your car exhibits any of the following signs, do not ignore them. Instead, drive straight to our facility for prompt and accurate wheel balancing Bicester.

Diminished fuel efficiency

Unbalanced wheels disrupt the engine performance, and thus, it consumes more fuel to sustain operations.

Compromised steering performance

Out of balance wheels significantly hamper the steering response time and disrupts the driving experience. It disturbs the steering performance, and you may find it difficult to steer your vehicle in a particular direction.

Rapid and uneven tyre wear

You can confirm whether or not your car needs a wheel balancing service.


Look for uneven tyre wear on the treads on your car tyre.

If found any, connect with us for exceptional wheel balancing service.

Juddering steering

Did you know even half an ounce discrepancy in wheel weight may cause safety hazards? In such cases, you may experience unusual juddering of steering.

It is, therefore, necessary to address the issue at the earliest and restore optimum driving safety.

Damaged car components

Out of balance wheels substantially affect the suspension components, such as bearing, shocks and springs, hampering the overall driving experience.

Why choose us for wheel balancing Bicester?

Experts at our facility perform exceptional wheel balancing per the steps given below:

Step 1: Our professionals will dismount all your car wheels and put them on an advanced computerised wheel balancer to detect imbalances.

Step 2: They will take note of the irregularities of each wheel.

Step 3: Lastly, they will restore the balance per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Note: We re-perform all these steps to ensure 100% accuracy.

Then, without further delays, visit us at Unit E17, Telford Rd, Bicester OX26 4LD, UK. We are the ultimate answer to all your best ‘wheel balancing near me’ searches.

To know more about our services, contact us on 07957 860730 today!

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