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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning & A/C Services for your vehicle?

If you own a diesel-powered engine and are looking for a professional workshop that offers efficient DPF cleaning, come down to Worldwide Automotive Ltd.!

We are a reliable car service centre with modern tools and a team of expert technicians. Our team comes with many years of experience in the automotive sector and are adept at providing vehicular services at budget-friendly rates. Including DPF cleaning Bicester.

They will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s Diesel Particulate Filter and then use a suitable technique to clean the DPF and thereby prevent clogging.

Besides this, we specialise in A/C services Bicester. If your car air conditioning system is not functioning properly, you can also opt for car Aircon servicing from us.

Why Should You Opt for DPF Cleaning & A/C Services Bicester?

A DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter captures residues of carbon, soot, fly ash, sulphur and nitrogen particles during the fuel combustion process. This reduces the emission of harmful, toxic gases. However, the vehicle’s DPF has a threshold limit for accumulating such residues. All residues need to be burned off to avoid filter clogging.

Moreover, timely DPF cleaning keeps your car’s engine in a healthy condition and improves its functioning.

Similarly, your car air conditioning system requires routine servicing as an optimally functioning car AC helps to keep a comfortable cabin temperature and prevent accumulation of mold or bacteria. A routine car aircon servicing will help to detect any leakage, faults or corrosion with the car AC components.

Symptoms of Clogged DPF and Malfunctioning Aircon System

Are you wondering when to opt for DPF cleaning or A/C services Bicester?


Keep an eye out for the below-mentioned symptoms:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Black smoke from your car’s exhaust tailpipe
  • Poor engine performance as the ignition process is compromised due to the toxic fumes
  • Illuminated DPF warning light on the dashboard

Air conditioning

In case of aircon malfunction, you will find the following symptoms:

  • Reduced cooling
  • Pungent odour in the cabin
  • Water droplets on the windscreens, windows, etc.

So, whether you need a refrigerant refill or professional DPF cleaning, our experts are at your service.

Under DPF cleaning, we apply three methods- active, passive and manual regeneration.

When it comes to aircon servicing, we will check all the components, refill the coolant and if necessary, replace the faulty components with OE-grade spares (only with your permission).

You can conveniently book our services online from our website by entering your vehicle registration number or by calling u on 01869246600 /07957860730

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