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Put an end to your search and get in touch with us, Worldwide Automotive Ltd. We are a trusted car service centre in and around your location. We have professionals who can provide exhaust repair and replacement services for various car segments.

Besides, we have technologically advanced machinery and can assure you of precise results without much turn-around time.

Why Should You Opt For Routine Exhaust Check?

The exhaust system filters and channels away the toxic by-product gases from a car, which are produced during the combustion process. Hence, the optimal functioning of the exhaust system is essential to ensure the emission level of your car meets the environmental safety standards. Faults in the exhaust system will lead to an MOT failure and also affect the health of your car's engine.

Therefore, it is important to opt for a routine exhaust check from a reliable workshop.

Warning Signs Of Malfunctioning Exhaust System:

Stench Of Toxic Gases

If you get a stench of toxic gases inside the driver’s cabin, it indicates some leakage in the exhaust pipes. Do not ignore this symptom as it can affect your health besides causing damage to the exhaust components.

Drop in Fuel Economy

A rapid drop in fuel economy is a tell-tale sign of underlying faults in the exhaust system. This is because a damaged exhaust system affects the engine's health and makes it burn more fuel to perform optimally.

Loud Noise

The exhaust silencer dampens the engine noise during the combustion process. Hence, any damage to the silencer will lead to loud noise that can affect your driving comfort. If you are experiencing similar symptoms, visit us for a detailed exhaust check Bicester.

Engine Misfires

A clogged catalytic chamber fails to channel away the toxic fumes from the engine system adequately. As a result, the engine misfires every time you start the vehicle.

About Our Exhaust Services

When you come down to us for an exhaust check Bicester on Bicester., we will first thoroughly inspect each component of your vehicle's exhaust system to find the crux of the issue and decide the right course of action. This includes:

  • Catalytic converter
  • Silencer
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Tailpipes
  • Isolators, etc.

Please note since it is not technically possible to repair damaged exhaust components, we provide exhaust replacements Bicester., using O.E-grade spares.

We will also provide additional checks for utmost driving safety.

So, look no more for “exhaust repair near me” and get in touch with us.

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