About Us

Nigel Siret is a fully qualified technician. He started the business from scratch and faced some extremely difficult times in the early years. Now all that has passed, he and his baby, Worldwide Automotive Ltd Ltd, are both doing well and he is happy to help with your car issues. He's a friendly, approachable person and customers like to talk to him because he full explains any faults and how he'd like fix them.

“I left school at sixteen without a set plan or any real idea of a career path but it wasn't long before I found my calling in the motor industry.

“I put myself through seven years of college training, studying as an apprentice for the first three. I became a fully qualified technician in 1997, gaining over twenty City & Guilds certificates for my skills in personal safety and planning, diagnostic techniques, knowledge of braking and electrical systems, understanding of engine and fuel systems, and general manual engineering skills.

“The first few years were tough, as anyone who has been an apprentice in any profession will know, and after my apprenticeship concluded I found that the problem with my being a qualified mechanic was the fact that there were - and are - so many of them. This is why I decided to top-up my skills and knowledge with the study of diagnostic techniques.

It was while I was in full-time employment at the Oxford French Car Company, in 1997, that the requests to carry out service maintenance and vehicle repairs from family members began to grow. Before long I was receiving calls from friends of the family, and from friends of theirs, until I began to struggle with fitting this work in around the commitments of my full-time employment.

“I knew the risks and expected some hard times, but for me it was an easy decision to make. I started my own business and, as I fully intended to welcome and cover all vehicles, I decided to call it Worldwide Automotive Ltd. The first five years were the hardest, but these past years have seen the business take control of itself and it is now thriving.”

“The business doing well is a good thing for our customers too, as we are able to take even better care of our large customer bases in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, and Buckinghamshire.

“Thank you to all of my customers over the years and I hope and look forward to seeing you in the years to come.”

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