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In 2012, the European Union mandated the EU tyre label on all tyres. However, the EU tyre label underwent a few modifications in 2021.

Are you aware of all the metrics of the EU tyre label?

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What is the EU tyre label?

The EU aspires to reach climate neutrality by 2050. Therefore, it is illegal to sell or drive a vehicle without an EU labelled tyre in the UK. This label provides essential details about the following performance metrics:

Wet grip

It informs us about the short braking response of a tyre in wet road conditions, represented as alphabets from ‘A’ to ‘E’, where ‘A’ delivers maximum stopping distance efficiency and ‘E’ the minimum.

Noise emission

It tells us about how much noise a tyre emits. Before the updates, noise emission used the soundbar to represent. Now, it is denoted by alphabets between A to E. Meaning, if you are looking for tyres Bicester that generates the least amount of noise, go for an ‘A’-grade variant.

Fuel efficiency

Once again, alphabets ranging between A and E denote fuel efficiency. It implies that you choose an ‘A’-rated tyre when switching to car tyres Bicester to manage your fuel expenses efficiently.

Note: Before May 2021, fuel efficiency and wet grip performance parameters were represented as alphabets from A to G and noise emission was represented as soundwaves.

Other modifications

  • All tyres have a marked QR code linked with the EU database- EPREL. Scanning it will furnish complete information about the tyre.
  • Nordic winter tyres have a new ice stalagmite marking.
  • Superior snow performance and safety features of a tyre now use a 3PMSF symbol.

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