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Are you looking for Engine Change/Work for your vehicle?

Overheating of car engines and broken oil pumps can cause the failure of internal components. This can result in reduced engine response and frequent breakdowns. It is essential to get the car engine replaced under such circumstances.

However, engine replacement can be quite costly. You can opt for engine work services instead. Experts at Worldwide Automotive are adept at conducting engine change, rebuild and repair work to help your car function as good as a new model.

We offer reliable services of engine change Bicester and engine rebuild at competitive rates for all major car makes and models. Our experienced technicians use advanced tools and OE-grade spares while conducting engine change or rebuild services.

End your searches for “engine replacement and rebuild near me” with us and avoid incidences of engine failures.

Worldwide Automotive is the place to go for engine replacement and rebuild Bicester.

Causes of Engine Failure

An engine failure can occur due to various reasons. The cooling system may not function optimally, there might be a lack of oil or overheating of the engine.

Besides, some other factors also contribute to premature engine failure. They are as follows:

  • Using low-grade fuel
  • Low maintenance
  • Harsh driving
  • Thick and old engine oil etc.

This can further damage other vehicle components and compromise your driving safety. So, ensure to visit our facility for a timely car engine check Bicester.

Symptoms of a Faulty Car Engine

You should come to our facility for a professional engine check-up, and if necessary, an engine change Bicester on noticing the following symptoms:

White Exhaust Smoke

Excessive white smoke from your car’s exhaust system may be a sign of malfunctioning piston rings. Damaged piston rings cannot seal the gases generated from the burning fuel in the cylinder. This causes an emission of white smoke from the exhaust tailpipe.

Metal Debris in Engine Oil

Metal shavings or flakes in the car engine oil are a glaring sign of a worn-out crankshaft. Bring your car to our workshop and get expert advice if you notice such a symptom.

Other symptoms will include:

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Loud noise emission

You can opt for either an engine change or rebuild work in case of a failing engine. We provide both.

So, what are you waiting for?

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