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Did you know installing tyres of the wrong size disrupts vehicle performance? Moreover, it increases the chances of rolling over and exposes you to safety threats.

Experts at Worldwide Automotive explain the car tyre size to its customers to help them make the best purchase.

Nonetheless, if you plan to buy tyres Bicester directly via our website and do not know the exact tyre size your vehicle needs, continue reading!

An overview of car tyre size

Car tyre size is an alpha-numeric code imprinted on the tyre sidewalls, providing structural and dimensional details to customers.

Suppose your vehicle requires tyres of 185/60 R 14 82 H size; what does this mean?

185: It refers to the width of a tyre’s sidewall in millimetres.

60: It is the ratio of a tyre’s sidewall to its width. That means the height of your car tyre is 45% of its width.

R: It denotes the construction type of a tyre. Here ‘R’ stands for radial construction.

Note: Other than ‘R’, there are two other variants: bias-ply and diagonal construction.

14: It is the rim diameter of your car tyre in inches.

82: This refers to the load-bearing index of a tyre. That means your car’s tyre can weigh a maximum load of 1047 lbs.

H: The alphabet refers to the speed index at which your car tyre can deliver maximum on-road performance. It means that your car tyre can withstand the highest speed of up to 130 mph.

Understanding the tyre size is certainly no easy task! Therefore, don’t shy away from having your doubts cleared.

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