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We provide the services to ensure your vehicle passes its MOT test. We offer general check overs, to help prepare your car for its MOT and provide help and advice on how best to proceed. Based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, the team at Worldwide automotive Ltd are MOT testing specialists. Trust our MOT specialists based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, we have more than 20 years experience providing MOT and garage repair services in the local area.

What Is Tested during my MOT Test?

The Body, Vehicle Structure, and General Items

These will be inspected to be sure that they are free from any excessive corrosion and damage and that there are not any sharp edges that may cause injury.


These towbars are checked for sturdiness, condition, and for any inappropriate modifications or repairs. We will also check that the 13-pin electrical socket is working properly, that the speedometer is functioning correctly, and that the engine mountings are secure.

Fuel System

We will check that there are no leaks and look over the hoses and pipes. We’ll also check that the fuel cap fastens and seals safely. They will also be assessed for being in good working order.

Exhaust System

Depending on the age and fuel type of your vehicle, your vehicle will be inspected to ensure that your vehicle meets the standards for exhaust emissions. Your exhaust system will be checked to ensure that it is safe and that a catalyst isn’t missing where one was originally fitted as standard and that it is not leaking or too noisy.


We will test that your driver’s seat can be adjusted and that all of the seats are securely fitted and the backs can be returned to the upright position.


The vehicle will be assessed to be sure that the mandatory seatbelts are in place and are suitable for the vehicle. We will check that they are in good condition, are attached securely, and are working properly.


Your doors will be inspected to see that the latch is secure when it is in the closed position and that the front doors open from the inside and outside. We will ensure that the back doors open from the outside of the vehicle and will test to see that all hinges and catches are secure and in a good condition.


We must ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum requirement for the number of mirrors and that their condition and security is of an acceptable standard. Indirect vision devices will also be assessed during this test.

Load Security

We will make sure that your boot or tailgate can be closed correctly.


It is essential that your brakes are in good working order for obvious reasons. We will assess their performance and operation with the efficiency test (the wheels are trims are not removed during this test). We will also test the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC) if they are fitted. The warning lights on the dashboard will also be checked for the ABS, ESC, electronic park brake, and brake fluid warning light.

Tyres and Wheels

We will assess the general condition and security of your tyres and make sure that they measure up to the legal requirement of tread depth. Your spare wheels and/or tyres will not be inspected.

Registration Plates

Their condition, colour, and attachment will be assessed, as well as checking that the characters are correctly formed and spaced.


Their condition and operation will be assessed. This will include high-intensity discharge (HID) and light-emitting diode (LED). Your headlights will be checked for cleaning, security, and self-levelling. The headlight aim and main beam warning light will also be tested.


It’s tested to ensure that it will close safely and securely.

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Wipers and Washers

The wipers and washers are tested to be sure they work correctly so that the driver will have a clear view of the road.


We will check that the condition and the driver’s view of the road are of an acceptable level.


Its functionality will be tested and we check if it’s suitable for the vehicle.

Steering and Suspension

We will check your vehicle’s steering and suspension by assessing their condition and steering oil level, as well as checking for any inappropriate repairs or modification.

Vehicle Identification Number

The VIN will be on all vehicles used on or after 1st August 1980 and we will check that a single VIN is displayed. The exception is when you have a multistage build vehicle, such as a van conversion or BMW.


Your battery and any visible wiring will be checked for safety and functionality.

Comprehensive Services

We always perform a thorough and detailed check to be sure that your vehicle is 100% safe and ready to drive. Should your vehicle fail its MOT, we will contact you with a quote for any repairs that may need completing. No work will ever be completed without the go-ahead from you and as soon as we receive this, all work will be completed quickly and efficiently. We do ask that you book your MOT with us at least two days before said test, so that we can have prior notice to prepare.

Get in Touch

If you would like to book an appointment for your MOT or would like any more information in regards to any of our services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly team of expert mechanics will be on hand and ready to help in any way that they can.

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